iParenting Media Awards Reviews


The most positive characteristic of this product is that it is based around eating healthy. I liked the fact that kids are learning while having fun. I also really liked that there are two games in one and that you can adjust the pace of play based on the ages of the kids that are playing.

I love that Farmers’ Market focuses on healthy eating and basic ecosystem facts (ladybugs are helpful, caterpillars not). Encouraging young children to try a variety of fruits and vegetables is important and this game does that! (I like that it is listed in the instructions as well…as not all parents would consider that as a way to enhance the game.) It’s great that this game is adaptable to multiple age groups. The spinner with numbers and numbers represented with vegetable pictures makes this game fun for nonreaders as well as readers, and the dice option allows for practice in addition.

The positive characteristics of this product are that it encourages the children to learn about healthy eating habits and the greater lesson of where it all comes from. I love that the kids had fun playing it while learning at the same time (other than counting and playing by the rules).



I love the healthy eating/feeding concept of this book. This is a topic we talk about a lot at home and they learn about at school. Plus the reiteration of the alphabet is really fun and relevant at all ages. The images/illustrations were bright and friendly. A lot of words were on each page but the designs were bigger and plenty for them to look at. I also thought for an “alphabet” book, the language and concepts were a little more grown up? I liked that. The chart to fill in at the back makes the book more interactive as well. Really fun.

I love the double book. It is like getting two books for the price of one! The poems and illustrations were adorable and fun and the kids enjoyed them completely!

This is a creative and engaging book on nutrition that serves as a great tool for learning about fruits and vegetables. The content of each rhyme is fun and engaging, yet informational. This book even provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to introduce new fruits and vegetables to their children in a way that will get them interested and excited! The book has a nice visual appeal, as evidenced by the fact that my child continued to look at the book on a regular basis.

Creating Opportunities for parents and Children to Share activities around nutrition where they are both educated and they are both entertained.

And it can be fun!! As we read, color, talk and play with our children, we can use materials that support healthy habits. We can entertain and educate them about the importance of healthy choices while providing the tools to help them enjoy a long and healthy life.

Prevention is the name of the game

As parents, teachers and care-givers we are entrusted with the responsibility of getting our children off to a healthy start, preparing them to make healthy choices and preventing the establishment of unhealthy, need-to-be-broken, bad habits.