Goal: To educate the parent/care-giver/teacher about how diet, exercise and sleep routines affect weight gain. This will also serve as an introduction to the child about the importance of healthy choices.

Objectives for Parents:

  1. To provide scheduled, pleasant meal and snack times.
  2. To understand the benefits of new food recommendations. (New WIC food packages and MyPlate).
  3. To play, exercise and/or move with my child everyday.
  4. To establish healthy sleep habits.
  5. To involve my child in food choices and meal preparations.
  6. To set good eating and exercise examples for a healthy weight.
  7. To recognize risk factors associated with unhealthy weight gain.

Objectives for Child:

  1. To eat new foods each week.
  2. To play outside everyday.
  3. To get enough sleep each night.
Download Lesson Plan: Look at Me / Mirame (PDF)