Getting Started

Whether you’re married or single and expecting….you’ve just married a person with children…’re blending your family with your spouse’s….your child has just left his/her child with you….you’ve adopted a child….the list of possible parenting situations goes on and on……

Family structures are more varied and complicated than ever before, but there are also many more resources available to deal with them. However, all authors and philosophies have their own points of view, approaches and methods…..and who’s to say what’s right or what’s right for you and your particular situation? In my opinion, they all have something to offer. There will be a kernel of truth or wisdom in each approach, but not everything works for everyone all the time. Therein lies the problem and who has the time and energy to figure all this out?

When the Monkeys Run the Zoo attempts to offer you the “best of the best” from a variety of sources. There are effective approaches that run through all the different points of view and I have tried to collect them into one place that will entertain and educate both you and your child.

As you read each verse to your child, have him/her “find the monkeys” (8-13 of them) hidden in each illustration. Take this time to read as many parenting pointers as possible which all pertain to the message being given in each verse. The more times you share the book with your child, the more pointers you will encounter and the more comfortable your child becomes with the ways you want the parenting experience to grow.

The Growth and Development Chart in the middle of the book is a great resource. Parents who know what to expect in the different skill areas as their child ages, have a much more realistic outlook of what to expect from them. If you know what your child is capable of, the parenting experience becomes a lot more fun for both you and your child.


Download Parenting Resource Guide (PDF)